Nunook the Japanese Akita

Male, 10 years old

Nunook the 10 year old Japanese Akita wearing his Optivizor (Medium, Short Nose, POP07). Nunook went blind at 2 years old due to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). In June 2021 he experienced a haemorrhage when his left retina became detached. It is highly probable that Nunook will have to have his left eye removed and in time, possibly the right also. Despite this, Nunook is a very happy boy. Having no sight has never deterred him from enjoying life, and confidently so. There are no limits! The Optivizor was bought for protection on walks and for post surgery. You can follow Nunook’s adventures with his friends on his Facebook page ‘Blind Adventures of Nunook’ (

by Sousila

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