Key Features of the Optivizor

The Optivizor provides advanced eye and face protection for dogs, with physical protection for your dog’s face, and UV protection for their eyes. It is available in a wide range of sizes and styles and is adjustable to give your dog a comfortable fit.

The Optivizor allows your dog to eat and drink normally

   ★  Designed to protect the eyes and face

   ★  No collar required

   ★  Easy fitting and adjustment

The Optivizor can provide…

  • post-surgical protection during recovery
  • protection of the eyes and face from injury
  • UV protection for sensitive eye conditions
  • confidence building for dogs with reduced vision

The Optivizor is designed to rest on the head and curve around the face. It moves naturally with the turn of the head, so it doesn’t get in their way like a plastic cone. Their ears remain on the outside and unobstructed so they can hear normally. They can eat and drink as normal. They can go for walks, sniff, play and sleep as normal.

All Optivizors are supplied fully assembled. In the picture shown below you can see what an Optivizor looks like when it is laid out flat. The velcro-fastening neck strap is the black bit at the top. The blue plastic forms the headrest - the blue tongue feeds through the lower slot in the visor plastic and back down through the top slot (where the barcode is). Some models have more than one slot but only the top two are used.

The side arms are fed through the V-shaped slot on the edge of the visor plastic, and then through one of three slots. Ideally the visor floats over and around the nose with around 2cm clearance. Using the closest slot raises the visor, and the furthest slot lowers the visor angle.

You can choose which way to feed the side arms through the slots. We recommend in-and-out but it does not matter if the arm goes out then back in, or uses more than one slot. A small amount of tape can be used to help reduce slipping or cover anything that sticks out.

Trimming the visor length is possible but rarely needed. There are pre-scored lines that you can follow with heavy scissors (please take care when cutting).

All Optivizors are supplied fully assembled…

  • with velcro straps for easy fitting and adjustment
  • the neck strap helps to keep the Optivizor in place and should be done up snugly
  • the chin strap helps to curve the clear visor around the nose
  • the side arms can be used to adjust visor nose clearance
  • pre-scored trim lines can adjust visor length

If you have any questions please see our support page or contact us for assistance.