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Clear Optivizor (POP02)
Mini Mini (X3S) Short Nose Length
  £55.00✔ in stock

The Optivizor provides advanced eye and face protection for dogs. It is ideal for protecting sensitive eyes that are recovering from a medical condition or veterinary treatment.

The Optivizor is often used by blind dogs to protect their face from inevitable bumps and scrapes, and improve their self-confidence.

The Optivizor is also used to protect the face for working dogs, and preventatively by dogs that just seem to love jumping into brambles!

Each Optivizor has a unique design that is supported from the top of the head, rather than the neck. The head rest creates a cushioned space between the dog’s face and the surface of the visor, allowing air to circulate. The visor deflects oncoming winds reducing the dust and sand particles that would otherwise go straight in the eyes.

It has its own integrated velcro fastening neck and chin straps, so a standard neck collar isn’t needed. The visor plastic is soft and flexible.

Tint and Mesh models are suitable for dogs with photosensitivity, and degenerative eye conditions such as pannus, also known as chronic superficial keratitis (CSK). Dogs can see through the tint and mesh without any problem.

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Clear Optivizor (POP02)
Mini Mini (X3S)✔ in stock  £55.00

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