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We do our best to provide you with as much information as possible and hope you find our web site information useful. Our size guide has a list of dog breeds and the typical sizes they use. You can also see if there is a dog similar to yours in our photo gallery and which size they are wearing. Every size is colour coded.

Additional information is shown below and if you have any other questions about the Optivizor please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Video: Fitting Guide

We have a video on YouTube which shows how to fit an Optivizor. It shows how the straps are fastened, the visor angle adjustment and trimming of the visor length. If you need to trim the visor we recommend following the pre-scored lines using heavy scissors and taking care to avoid any slips.

Exchanging Sizes

Subject to availability you may request an additional size to compare fitting. As a goodwill gesture this will be sent to you on a Sale or Return basis. Please refer to the section ‘Requesting Two Sizes’ shown at the bottom of each product page in our Online Shop for ordering details. Please see our terms for our returns policy.

Doggie Paddle

If your dog likes to splash in puddles or go swimming they can keep their Optivizor on. It is probably best to run it under a tap and wipe clean afterwards but all parts of the Optivizor are water-resistant and it won’t do them any harm to have a bit of fun. (With thanks to Captain Jack for his swimming video).

Tint and UV Mesh

All Optivizors are available with a tinted visor option which helps to reduce UV levels. Optivizors in the Normal Nose and Long Nose ranges are also available with the same tint and a detachable UV Mesh. The mesh is designed to boost UV protection on brighter days. Your dog can see through it without any problem because it is closer to their eyes, which is a bit like looking out of a window with net curtains.

Chin Strap Extension

If you find that the chin strap on your Optivizor is a little bit too short for your dog please contact us and we can send you one of our chin strap extension kits, free of charge.

Fluffy Heads

Some dog breeds such as Bichon Frise and Dandie Dinmont are notable for their fluffy heads. To avoid fitting issues we recommend that you wet the hair when assessing the size requirements and again when trying on for the first time. When you are happy with the fit you can consider giving them a shorter cut until they have finished using their Optivizor.

Shaved Heads

Your vet may remove hair around a surgical site. Please consider adding a dressing or fabric tape to protect the bare skin from rubbing, especially if your dog has sensitive skin.

Short Nose Length Optivizors

Updated style. Available from August 2020. The head fittings are the same and the nose outline is more curvy. The headrest is longer and this provides extra space inside the visor. We recommend requesting two sizes to help find the ideal fit.

Delivery to Northern Ireland

The UK government has extended the temporary customs arrangements beyond 31st March 2021. Purchases under £135 remain exempt from customs declarations for the time being.

Delivery from April 2024

Our postage and packing is charged at cost, although it may appear expensive because it includes PayPal fees and VAT. Regretfully Royal Mail have raised prices twice in the past year. Royal Mail also reduced postal insurance on Signed For Small Parcels to just £20 which makes Special Delivery the only practical option when sending packages.

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